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My Suitcase for My Vacation

I will be having my next vacation two weeks from now and I am so excited to travel. I had my shopping list already because I need to do some quick shopping tomorrow before my flight. I will be going to Cuba and in Argentina for an immersion and some …

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Why Wooden Watches Rocks


Wooden watches are the in thing nowadays. In school and even at work, you will see one of two people who are donning wooden watches to match their ever day outfit. I am not being negative in here but really, it looks awful to see people wearing the same thing …

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A Face’s Best Friend

  When it comes to Vitamin c serum for face— I was very skeptical at first, I thought that nothing would ever make me feel better about my face, honestly I thought that I was a monster and I didn’t think that anybody would ever love me and I didn’t …

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