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A visit to Sri Lanka


  Sri-Lanka has a little island secret. Situated in the eastern coast  of the country, approximately 260 km east of Colombo, this island called Trincomalee  (also known as Gokanna) is a major resort city of the Eastern Province of  Sri Lanka. Ranked as the fifthlargest natural harbour in the world …

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Ways to shrug off of negative vibes

  Volunteer. Choose a cause closest to your heart and volunteer your time, effort and resources. Chances are, you get to mingle with people who share the same passion. “Volunteering is that notion that every day is about making a difference in someone’s life by empowering and investing in the …

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Online Shopper Confessions

Shopping online has been a therapy for me. I am a college girl who is always stressed with school and other stuff. When I started shopping online, and the fact that I just need to stay in my room and wait for my package to arrive, I feel I have …

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