A day in the farm



I have been eyeing to go to farms so I can treat my kids to a day with nature. Last weekend, i decided to use the car i got from lease—an Audi Q5 lease, and we had a blast close with nature. Here’s my tale about what we learned from our farm adventure.


What makes our farm different from the rest is that you can do a host of other activities here – aside from communing with nature. You can also bathe at the nearest stream here and ride the ATV. Aside from the usual farm animals such as horses, cattle and chickens, for avid riders, NW Farms provides ATV rides and horseback riding while those who want to rejuvenate and relax outside the city. These farms also offer time to feed the animals – as well as an indulgence in fresh air and serene atmosphere. There are a couple of cottages to stay. “Although Sorsogon is quite famous for its whale watching, there are other things that you can do in the province – such as taking care of our goats,” smiles Ferrer. But of course in pure indulgence, you can just marvel and graze at the grass and be part of a community where you can get down and dirty – in a good way. You can even take photos with our Boer goats.”


They also plan to put up several and different activities here in the future to entertain our guests. This brings to mind our core values of commitment, creativity, visionary, passion and diligence.


I also learned that Boer goats directly imported from Australia. With its undulating graze-land, abundant and plentiful fresh grasses, other foliages and legumes pleasant to ruminants, the farm and the animals receive plenty of optimum nutrition and are independent from commercial feeds. They began to plan a revolutionary approach in livestock farming which would include the widespread sharing of superior livestock genetics. This was in connection with my vision: an integrated effort in livestock raising among stakeholders whose solidarity of purpose shall ensure sustainable and progressive mass reproduction of hybrid offspring. My objective was to upgrade the quality of our country’s native livestock and in the process, institute an innovative and profitable livestock farming never before experienced under the country’s agricultural setting. I then decided to begin with hybrid goat raising which I considered easier to manage and more economical in terms of handling cost, feed cost and energy cost compared to swine raising.


For me, the vision of success can be seen in more ways than one: a vision of OFWs returning home for good; a vision of Filipino workers not wanting to work abroad; a vision of massive employment for jobless people; a vision of agricultural and socio-economic growth; a vision of improved quality of livestock.


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