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A Face’s Best Friend


When it comes to Vitamin c serum for face— I was very skeptical at first, I thought that nothing would ever make me feel better about my face, honestly I thought that I was a monster and I didn’t think that anybody would ever love me and I didn’t think that my face would ever warrant any type of positive attention, so so self-conscious about my skin. I had all sorts of unfortunate lines and discolorations just from being alive over the years, and to be honest, Maria acne scars were still far more prominent that I would have wanted them to be from my teen years. Can you believe that? Acne scars plaguing me all the way since my teen years. And I’m not even exaggerating, I started getting acne when I was fourteen, and the scars that haunted me until 2 months ago when I started using this vitamin C serum, they still exist but they’re not visible from a distance in the rest of my skin looks so good and healthy around them that they start to sort of fade in or disappear, they don’t stand out anymore, because if 90% of your skin is good and 10% is still suffering but less than it used to, compared to maybe 50-50, the ratio is obviously highly stacked in one way and not stacked at all in the other and that is something that I’ve noticed thoroughly and completely.

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