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A Scooter Design I Love

So I just found this amazing online scooter designer program. Here’s the link:  https://unumotors.com/de/. Needless to say this is a really exciting find. I just think that anything that engages with electricity rather than oil and gas when it comes to powering your vehicle is really exciting. This bike does exactly that. It’s totally efficient and sustainable. The efficiency can be seen and everything. The engine is very simple, and the website even says that it’s maintenance-free, which is pretty amazing. The bike itself is very simple components, I mean a lot of scooters are quite simple, but this seems to boil it down to its basic elements and really enhance those basic elements to bring something out that is really spectacular in a subtle way. I think it’s really interesting that they don’t actually start producing your scooter until you place the order. That is kind of the opposite of how other automatic factor is work. The way auto manufacturers typically work is that they produce a lot of one model, and then sell those off at distributed lots, and there are added costs in that expense that make a vehicle way more expensive. The way this company subverts that is very interesting. They just have the right resources that, when they get an order, they can start working on it the next week, and once it is working it will be done pretty soon. The cool thing is that the scooter actually comes right to your door in a box. You don’t get to keep the Box, the driver will dispose of it for you, so they arrange a time that works perfectly with your schedule to deliver the scooter. It of course comes fully form, not like some kind of Ikea product, and it is immediately road-ready. That is the kind of thing that I think is very exciting. They break so many little rules and bring their own flavor to the game. I think this is a very interesting way of operating.

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