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Understanding the Different Types of Body Piercing

  Body piercing, tattooing, and even branding are hot fashions in today’s world. What would make people want to do things to their body? Is it something to be different and set them apart from the rest or could these body mutilations have a deeper root and mean something? Maybe …

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Non-Negative Web Design and Branding

  Perhaps at some point in your social life you’ve had the experience of dating someone like Sarah. Sarah was a wonderful girl I met through an online personals service. We talked on the phone a few times before we met, and I was really looking forward to our first …

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Picking a Preschool for Your Twins (and Triplets)

Long before you’re finished changing multiple diapers, before the last bottles have been put away, even prior to saying “bye-bye” to nap time, you and your spouse will be confronted with The Next Big Thing: Preschool. In most urban and suburban parts of the country where preschool options abound, that’s …

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Reading gracefully


Grace readers choose what they read. Not all proclaimed ‘good reads’ are good to read. Not all books are beneficial overall. A good read is any piece of compiled words, sentences and paragraphs that does not just satisfy a portion of the reader’s mind but him as a whole. It …

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A day in the farm


    I have been eyeing to go to farms so I can treat my kids to a day with nature. Last weekend, i decided to use the car i got from lease—an Audi Q5 lease, and we had a blast close with nature. Here’s my tale about what we …

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A visit to Sri Lanka


  Sri-Lanka has a little island secret. Situated in the eastern coast  of the country, approximately 260 km east of Colombo, this island called Trincomalee  (also known as Gokanna) is a major resort city of the Eastern Province of  Sri Lanka. Ranked as the fifthlargest natural harbour in the world …

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Ways to shrug off of negative vibes

  Volunteer. Choose a cause closest to your heart and volunteer your time, effort and resources. Chances are, you get to mingle with people who share the same passion. “Volunteering is that notion that every day is about making a difference in someone’s life by empowering and investing in the …

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Online Shopper Confessions

Shopping online has been a therapy for me. I am a college girl who is always stressed with school and other stuff. When I started shopping online, and the fact that I just need to stay in my room and wait for my package to arrive, I feel I have …

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What You Need To Know About Storage Spaces

Are you availing a self storage space for your business? You have a few things to consider. I listed some of the things you need to ponder on to before you choose the best self storage space for your space: Size- What will be the thing you will store? Is …

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My Suitcase for My Vacation

I will be having my next vacation two weeks from now and I am so excited to travel. I had my shopping list already because I need to do some quick shopping tomorrow before my flight. I will be going to Cuba and in Argentina for an immersion and some …

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