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Why Wooden Watches Rocks


Wooden watches are the in thing nowadays. In school and even at work, you will see one of two people who are donning wooden watches to match their ever day outfit. I am not being negative in here but really, it looks awful to see people wearing the same thing …

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A Face’s Best Friend

  When it comes to Vitamin c serum for face— I was very skeptical at first, I thought that nothing would ever make me feel better about my face, honestly I thought that I was a monster and I didn’t think that anybody would ever love me and I didn’t …

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Why Switch to Amazon Prime Canada

But if you look at Amazon Prime Canada, they are slowly adopting all of the great features of Amazon Prime in the United States, and I’m Amazon Prime in the United States right now is a force to be reckoned with. Not only did they have their streaming service, but …

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Photography’s New Best Friend

What are my thoughts on the camera filter, amateur photography craze? I think that on an individual level, it will help people have more confidence in telling their stories, and I think they don’t know social level it’s going to help me story until a really clear documentation of what …

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Best breast cancer gift

I know that sometimes silence is not necessarily true, especially when they are not offering a better solution or theory for the thing that I am being denied of. I think that the whole placebo effect idea is a bit of a cop-out, because it doesn’t work with everything, and …

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Why I Love Domestic Outsourcing

I don’t know about you, but then when there is work that needs to be done in the technological realm in my business, and I don’t have somebody who is perfectly suited to it, rather than hiring a new full-time employee, my mind immediately goes to Outsourcing. Sometimes I wonder …

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A Scooter Design I Love

So I just found this amazing online scooter designer program. Here’s the link:  https://unumotors.com/de/. Needless to say this is a really exciting find. I just think that anything that engages with electricity rather than oil and gas when it comes to powering your vehicle is really exciting. This bike does …

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On Blogging – The Custom Domain Name Question

Today, I finalized something I had been mulling for a while, which was to move to a custom domain.  Here it is: http://www.cgldaily.com/ Thanks to the magic of feedburner, the feed should remain unchanged.   As I feared, the feed is not working.  My best suggestion for now is to resubscribe …

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