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Host Social Networking Parties

Attract more interest in your web design business by offering discounts on the first five orders. The discounts can also be exclusive to certain websites such as giving a percentage off for Myspace members or bloggers. Send out exclusive invitations and allow each person you invite to bring one additional guest. This can be one of the most effective web design marketing and Canadian web hosting ideas in a modern age. Make sure any additional guests are a member of selected social networking websites. Post photos from the event on your profile afterwards, encouraging others to link and tag them.


Design for Noticeable Clients
Offer free or significant discounted services to people that already have a large network online. It is one of the web design marketing ideas that will reduce the amount of effort you spend on promotion. Do web designs for popular bloggers, online stores, crafters, musicians, small businesses and films. Popular bloggers and online business are usually interested in building a unique online presence that attracts visitors. You will get noticed by designing work for them.

Include a small link in the sidebar or at the bottom of each website that takes visitors to your website. Some designers may not even need their own website when they are just starting out. It may also be more appropriate to have an online presence that matches your target audience. Web designers that specialize in social networking layouts may only need a Myspace profile to do business. Main websites can always be made eventually for web designers who expand their services.

Make Tutorials Solving Web Design Problems
Helping people solve simple coding or layout problems could be a great way to land web design jobs. This can be done in the form of article marketing or blogging. Combine this with social networking to increase the chances of getting noticed. Web designers can create tutorials on adding plug-ins or graphics to blogs and social networking profiles. These tutorials should include enough information to help readers complete easy tasks. Provide contact information like emails or websites for people to contact you if they need further assistance. You can then take those opportunities to land web design jobs, even if some of the work only involved fixing HTML, codes or forms.

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