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How to Maintain a Peaceful Relationship with Your Co-workers


In our daily routine, we come into contact with people from different backgrounds, values, and morals. We live in a diverse society where conflict is commonly manifest itself daily. If you work in a field that requires interaction with others, conflict is inevitable. We always look into our personalised diary for to-dos. We set schedules, go here and there and let time pass us by. This is because everyone in the workplace usually views each other as a competitor. In order to ahead of everyone else, some people use backbiting techniques such as: leaving ugly notes under the supervisors door, photocopying mistakes, revealing confidences, and spreading untruths to cut down others and elevate themselves. Unfortunately, those tactics have worked for many people. However, in the long run you will reap bitter consequences from sowing seeds of contention and distrust among your peers. It will only be a matter of time before the victim of your schemes; along with everyone else, will know what you have done. If you are currently reaping the ire of your co-workers because of backstabbing, what can you do to restore and maintain peaceful relations?
1) Stop backstabbing. Next time you realize your co-worker forgot to do something, resist the strong urge to turn it in and gossip about it to others. The other party will find out what you said and more than likely, the supervisor will allow them to correct it. You will end up being the bad guy. Why not bring the mistake to their attention and offer them assistance.

2) Apologize. A sincere apology will go along way. If you have hurt someone, it is important to apologize and vow to never repeat that action again. It will take time to re-establish a trusting relationship with the other party. Don’t expect them to be your best friend overnight. Continue to show kindness and in due time, people will recognize the new you.

3) Bring cookies, cake and other goodies. Everyone has a sweet tooth. If you are good at baking chocolate cake, and cookies bring a few treats to set up in the break room. Volunteer to work extra for others who need a day off. If you observe a co-worker having a bad day, offer them assistance.

4)Start a charity. Start a fund to help someone less fortunate in the community. Has there been someone diagnosed with a life threatening medical condition, and they need financial help?

5)Be nice and smile. Who can resist someone who is friendly and helpful? Everyone loves to be around someone who is nice.

If you want others to recognize you for your talent and abilities, maintaining peaceful relations with your co-workers is a must. You are more likely to move up the corporate ladder being a team player rather than a malicious, self-serving backstabber.

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