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My Suitcase for My Vacation


I will be having my next vacation two weeks from now and I am so excited to travel. I had my shopping list already because I need to do some quick shopping tomorrow before my flight. I will be going to Cuba and in Argentina for an immersion and some tours. What can you suggest for me to bring? Should I need to have a large suitcase? I am afraid to get offloaded! Well, I think I need to bring a few jacket, some trousers, some scarfs, a couple of bikini for random beach outings, some dress, and a walking shoes. Actually,

I am more afraid I might not have nice clothes when I go to city tours because I am not that kind of traveler. I heard I need to have some reliable and dependable walking shoes so I will not get uncomfortable. And also, I think I need to have a watch to keep track of time. Good thing I bought the best wooden watches ever I found online. My friend first had this kind of watch I was just amazed by its design and so I bought a couple for myself. It really looks cool.. hmm, what more should I bring? Maybe a trusty backpack and a tripod for my camera? And oh, some sunblocks too!

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