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On Blogging – The Custom Domain Name Question

Today, I finalized something I had been mulling for a while, which was to move to a custom domain.  Here it is:


Thanks to the magic of feedburner, the feed should remain unchanged.  
As I feared, the feed is not working.  My best suggestion for now is to resubscribe using this feed.  
Feedburner seems to be unhiccuping again – so now both feeds work.  I suggest you stick with the original feed .

 If you are a blogger, you have heard all the reasons  behind custom domains:

1. You should purchase your custom domain name before someone else does.
2. A domain name means you can switch templates more easily.
3. A domain name means you do not have to keep updating your readers with new blog addresses.
4. You must get your own domain name and ditch blogger ASAP because their templates are terrible.
5. It is just not cool to have a blog address with blogspot or wordpress in the title.
6. A domain name is an intrinsic part of marketing.

To be honest, some of those reasons were less compelling to me than others.  Some of the most sucessful food blogs like Orangette still have blogspot in their names.  As much as I love the idea of a fancy WordPress template with lots of tabs, I have no patience or time to really take  advantage of that.  Besides, Blogger is really catching up fast.

As for the coolness factor – I never did well with those types of reasons (yes, I was the supremely uncool bookish kid who rarely spoke in middle and high school) – but what that really comes down to is branding, which is of varying degrees of importance to bloggers.

That said, especially if blogging is part of your day job, a custom domain name really makes sense.  In my case, where the blog is more of a part-time endeavor on top of an already very full-time job, I remained ambivalent. What really pushed me over the edge and find a custom domain name, though, was that I did not like how long my old blog url was.  I wanted something easy to remember when people asked me about my blog which I suppose is part of a larger branding concern.

I am still sort of ambivalent about my decision, especially because I was concerned about my feeds into people’s various readers being problematic, but so far it looks like everything is working.  And please let me know if it is not.  I will say that the fact that Blogger now allows you to do the purchasing of the domain name through them was what made me take the plunge, combined with the fact I found a nice short domain name I liked.

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