Online Shopper Confessions


Shopping online has been a therapy for me. I am a college girl who is always stressed with school and other stuff. When I started shopping online, and the fact that I just need to stay in my room and wait for my package to arrive, I feel I have been saving a lot of time. Just imaging you do not need to go to long lines just to have that little transaction for a pair of shoes or a single 360 camera gadget. What I love the most about shopping online is that it is equally rewarding and I love every single bit of it. I also use my credit card provided by my father so I do not need to cash out or what. I am just very excited whenever I see my new package arrive. I am a self confessed shopaholic even before the trend of online shopping because so mainstream now. I just love having the freedom to choose from a lot of things online than to walk in malls. Well, right now, I have already purchased many things from online shop. A 360 grad kamera for my photography class, which is probably the best 360 camera that I ever bought, a nice dress for my dinner date with my dorm buddy, a trusty laptop for my blogging activities. I am also eyeing to buy a few clothes—bikinis and sarongs—for the coming summer and another pair of shoes just because.

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