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Photography’s New Best Friend

What are my thoughts on the camera filter, amateur photography craze? I think that on an individual level, it will help people have more confidence in telling their stories, and I think they don’t know social level it’s going to help me story until a really clear documentation of what life was actually like for us. Because everybody’s taking photos and Publishing them. Never before has there been a. Of time where everybody’s expressing himself so much. It’s totally postmodern in some ways, and I think it’s very interesting, and, in 100 years when people compare this Society to the ones before us, I think they’re going to see a stunning realization of individuality that is almost unprecedented as far as I know. I mean I could be wrong, but I don’t see any other society, and general population, having the means to express themselves like this and taking the initiative to do so. Yes a lot of people end up thinking that a lot of the content made by amateur photography is Trivial, but I would have to disagree. Sure, some of it is, but so is creation and crafts in any form. There is always going to be amateurism, and it’s always going to be hit-or-miss. There’s also going to be professionalism as well, and that is also going to be here miss. There is a lot of subpar professional work, and a lot of work done by amateurs that is well above par comment I think that that is the most interesting part of this, is that you need to know very little about the technical side of photography to start making really nice images that people might even want to buy. That’s the most beautiful thing about camera filter technology, and I love that apps like this by becoming so popular.

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