Reading gracefully


Grace readers choose what they read.

Not all proclaimed ‘good reads’ are good to read. Not all books are beneficial overall. A good read is any piece of compiled words, sentences and paragraphs that does not just satisfy a portion of the reader’s mind but him as a whole. It is when the mind, heart and soul agree all together to the thoughts and statements shared in the reading. Reality check: There are various books available in the bookstores. We set time to buy one and read it. We purchase because we want to read, to learn new things. Reminder: What we read reflects the contents and desires of our mind, heart and soul. It manifests where we invest our money and time. Deeply within us, we unconsciously imagine every single word we encounter while skimming. We imagine things as we read along scenes and situations in a story. We come alive with the author’s story. We become part of it. Reading has its effect depending upon the material we scan over. So be aware of what you pick in the bookstore. Be grace readers. Who are the grace readers? Like any other bookworms and book lovers, they are the ones who reflect on every word a book they have on hand. They don’t settle to mediocre readership. Only that, they differ from the common book aficionados. They read, reflect and recommend books that magnify and uplift the holy name of our Savior. They assure first that what they’ll read will help them with their growth in Christ.

Indeed, true grace readers are people who experienced grace within. They never want to kill the fire they received from God. Instead, the more they share it, the more they choose to represent God.

Read. Reflect. Recommend. If you want to share your own thought, I do advice you to have your own website and share your thoughts to other grace readers around the world. Seek help through my graceful friends from ranking hostingów. All the best and love!

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