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The Drugged Society



It’s been a long time since I’ve read a “woman’s magazine,” but this was a good deal on a subscription for one that I used to enjoy, so I ordered it. I am used in reading magazines and buying products advertised in it. After all, it was there where I saw the best vitamin c serum for face.
The first copy I picked up soon had me reeling as I realized just how far this society has gone in its attempt to make us all “normal.”

There were ads for drugs to handle everything that came along.

Are you feeling stressed? Let’s ignore the fact that it’s your body’s reaction to too much stress in your life, or that you’re tired and need a break. Forget that you haven’t had a full night’s sleep in a week. Instead, let’s just give you this little pill and you’ll feel all better.

Are you shy? Oh, that’s what you call “social anxiety disorder” – (didn’t you know that there’s something wrong with you??) Take this little pill and it will drug you into being outgoing and extroverted. You won’t ever have time to be creative or thoughtful again, but that’s ok, you’ll be one of the gang.

And while we’re at it, are your kids active and like to make noise and play and don’t like to sit still? Goodness… haven’t you ever heard of ritalin? Go get them some! I mean… why would you put up with all that messy, noisy activity? Give them this pill and they’ll act like perfect little zombies… I mean, angels.

All else aside, it’s scary, this mind control. And mind control is what it is. It started innocently enough with the “rediscovery” of herbs. Some herbs are used to strengthen the immune system, some to relax you so you can sleep better. Then there are the ones that lift your mood and the ones that give you energy. Combinations of these are used to help you lose weight. All good things, right?

Yes, they are – until someone decides that when you’re not happy and calm and energetic and slender there’s something wrong with you and you should take a pill to fix it.

This is perverted and dangerous psychology. The human mind cannot tolerate a “feel good” condition constantly, just as we cannot tolerate light without darkness, white without black or sun without shadow.

In this quest for tolerance, we’ve developed a peculiar, underhanded and dangerous intolerance to human dignity, variety and creativity. Anything even slightly different is seen as “wrong”.

It’s a frightening development in the socialization of the human creature and we should be rising up against it.

Homogenization is for milk, not people!

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