Understanding the Different Types of Body Piercing


Body piercing, tattooing, and even branding are hot fashions in today’s world. What would make people want to do things to their body? Is it something to be different and set them apart from the rest or could these body mutilations have a deeper root and mean something? Maybe if we took the time to learn about them, we would have a better understanding in what makes a person choose to do these things. Today I am just touching bases on body piercings, where the can be found, and some basic knowledge and history behind them.
There are many different types of body piercing available that are seen and unseen in today’s society. These piercings can be found in the most common places like the ears and nose to the must private areas of the genitals. These body piercings found both high and low could be found in just about any social genre. From our ancient ancestors and into the future generations body piercings have come in many shapes and forms.

The most commonly know body piercing is ear piercing. The ears can be pierced in the lobes or in the cartilage, both are widely acceptable. Eyebrow piercing, nose piercings, and lip piercing are the next common body piercings. This could be because they are seen more than others are. Nose piercings are usually found in the nostril but can also be done in the septum and bridge. Lip piercings can be found on various spots in either the upper or the lower lip. Combinations of lip piercings often carry names such as snakebites and spider bites depending on the piercing placement. Tongue piercing is a hot trend amongst teens and young adults. A barbell is inserted vertically through the tongue. The metal on the piercing can cause chipping and breakage of teeth and wearers should be extremely careful not to cause damage.

Belly button or Navel piercings are especially popular today with the mid driff bearing girls. With the fashions of higher shirts and lower pants, belly button piercings make popular jewelry for the exposed areas. Belly chains are often hooked to the belly button rings. These belly chains are worn loosely and just skimming the skin.

Less talked about forms of body piercing are the nipple and genital piercings. Nipple piercings are becoming more popular for both men and women. It is said that a nipple piercing enhances sexual arousal. The piercings can be done from any angle but horizontally is the general preference. The nipple piercings can be done as a pair or just one. It is all personal preference. Genital piercings are found are both men and women are becoming more popular through out today society.

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