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What Are The Benefits Of App Store Optimization

What Are The Benefits Of App Store Optimization


ASO would not be worth any efforts if it did not have any benefits. After all, why should one apply so much effort on an app optimization that has no returns? Fortunately ASO has a number of benefits.

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Advantages of App Store Optimization



Unmistakably speaking, the number of apps that are in the app store is literally exploding. That tells you that there is more than enough. Not to mention that more apps are still coming in. In that case, having your app highly ranked in the app store is a great achievement. Of course, you cannot achieve that while sitting back and doing nothing. This is where APO comes in. Enhancing the discoverability as well as installation of the app by the potential users. With ASO your app will have what it takes to stand out despite the stiff competition.

Builds credibility

Unmistakably speaking, ASO will literally build credibility. Over the years it has proved to be quite effective.

Raise the number of downloads

You will become more visible and appear at the top list of the apps on an appropriate category or keyword. In other words, you get downloads with ease than before.

It is cost effective

Doing ASO by yourself is priceless. I mean it is free of charge. You literally don’t pay anybody not to mention that you will get downloads free. Though it takes longer the results are outstanding. However, it is important that you learn before kicking off.

Improve retention rate

Most people who look for a question in app stores tend to face a specific problem that they desire to find a solution for. In that case, if you are in a position to find the solution to their problem you can easily keep them around easily. For instance if you locate an ad, app attempts to market itself while general browsing app stores algorithms enhance important results.

Occupying high ranking in the app store;

ASO enables publishers to increase their ranking within the app store for specific keywords as well as categories.


With that said, the benefits of ASO are beyond what words can explain. You will have a lot to reap as a result. It is indeed worth every effort. After all being highly ranked in the app store is not just a simple thing. Such standards are well paying and you will have high returns in the long run. Now you understand why you should never underrate App Store Optimization.


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