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{What does Balance and Wellness Mean to You?} Guest Blog Post by Melita

As I mentioned last week, Thursdays here at CGL will be about what balance and wellness means to you. One of my goals with this series is highlight how everyone is different as well as inspire others to focus on balance and wellness in their lives, whether it is physical or emotional. I am so excited that Melita of the fabulous blog Gussying up the Tuttle is guest blogging on this topic this week. It has been a pleasure to get to know Melita in the last year and I am so grateful and honored she is guest blogging here today:

life is all about balance. when we are off balance, we definitely feel it. on page 73 of hip tranquil chick by kimberly wilson you’ll find the “wheel of life” exercise. this is a simple exercise that lets you in on just how balanced your life is. in short, grab a piece of paper and make a large circle. within that circle make 8 segments (or spokes) and label the categories: health, finances, relationships, career, creativity, spirituality, home environment, and self-care. now rate each of those spokes from 0 (being not at all satisfied) to 10 (being extremely satisfied). by doing this exercise you can see what part of your life needs a little more work to become balanced. i’ve recently done the wheel of life exercise myself and i’ve found that overall i’m pretty balanced. my lowest spoke is currently finance due to living the life of a student. i know that over the next 6-12 months that will change significantly.

if you are familiar with my blog you know that i am now on a path of wellness, creativity and balance. while i only started blogging in march of this year a lot has changed since then. i went from having a decent paying full-time job to being laid-off, struggling to pass the gmat to get back into grad school for what seemed to be the logical choice but when all was said and done was not the right choice for me. i’ve spent my summer trying to find the me that had been placed on the back burner for years. slowly but surely that melita started resurfacing. i am currently enrolled in a massage therapy program and taking yoga teacher training. i am so incredibly happy and grateful with the turn my life has taken. it feels like i have finally found my place in this world. it most certainly wasn’t all easy. in this new path of wellness that i’ve entered, i’ve had to give up a few things in my life that were no longer fulfilling me or my newly chosen path. but in the end, i am fulfilling my own balance and wellness and i know the decisions i’ve made are for the greater good.

embarking on this new endeavor has made me realize that i had to take care of my own wellness and balance before i would be able to help anyone else with theirs. in doing so, i can confidently say that during this seasonal change, when the days become shorter and the air becomes cooler, seek out any change that needs to happen within yourself or in your life. once you’ve found what you know needs balancing then i strongly encourage you to discover your own path to wellness and balance. once you’ve found your unique path explore possibilities and take baby steps to get to where you want to be. whether your dream is to become a holistic health counselor, to lose 10 pounds or to move to a different country. change isn’t going to happen overnight but by making a conscious effort to explore your dreams they will become a reality faster than you’ve ever imagined possible.

note: “wheel of life” exercise was used with permission by kimberly wilson.
melita mollohan is truly on a path of wellness and creativity. after struggling to find her place in this world, she knows that beyond a shadow of a doubt that she’s on the right path. melita is a massage therapy student, taking reiki classes and in yoga teacher training. when melita is not blogging you can usually find her snuggled up with her two cats, dog and beloved boyfriend, taking a hike through nature or enjoying the company of friends and family. You can subscribe to Melita’s blog here.

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