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Why I Love Domestic Outsourcing

I don’t know about you, but then when there is work that needs to be done in the technological realm in my business, and I don’t have somebody who is perfectly suited to it, rather than hiring a new full-time employee, my mind immediately goes to Outsourcing. Sometimes I wonder if I’m just lucky to know all of the great software outsourcing professionals that I do know, you teach me all the things about the industry, the ins and outs, what to look for and what not to accept from an Outsourcing vendor. I prefer domestic Outsourcing. I just like the convenience of being in the same time zone, or similar time zones at least. I also like it there’s never a language barrier, I like clear communication when it comes to business I need done. Communication is hard enough between two English speakers, it can get very difficult if you’re speaking to someone who doesn’t really comprehend English had a great level period however, I think offshore Outsourcing has all sorts of benefits. There are amazing software Engineers all over the world, including all over Asia and Africa, and an increasing amount of very talented software Engineers coming up in Eastern Europe. Eastern Europe, where the language barrier is often less severe. Well actually that’s a generalization, as there are some companies that work with in Belarus that aren’t great with English, and Asian countries like the Philippines, and areas of India, are intensely qualified English speakers. Anyway, I know that when I need my software updated or a new program created, I’m not hiring full-time, I’m going to the Outsourcing outlets and vendors that fill that wonderful Market.



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