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Why Wooden Watches Rocks


Wooden watches are the in thing nowadays. In school and even at work, you will see one of two people who are donning wooden watches to match their ever day outfit. I am not being negative in here but really, it looks awful to see people wearing the same thing every day. It is a little awkward too to see someone wearing a wooden watch that looked exactly like yours.

But my experience with  Zegarki wooden watches is different.  Last month, I bought three wooden watches for myself. I bought these at plantwear.com, a shop which sells really fantastic and spectacular pieces.

I bought one color of watch named Maple, and another Sycamore. These two shades are not far from each other but they are still distinctly different. I love the one I bought called Maple because it is more girl for me than the other one. It’s perfect when I use it on a sunny day. As for Sycamore, it looks like it is perfect for the rainy days when you are just in your house relaxing and bonding with the family. For me, Maple is best as it suits almost everyone’s color. In fact, people who use the wooden watch I bought looked very pleased with his experience. You guys, i want you to know wooden watches should also be included in the list.

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